Building a Multiplayer Game in Typescript Part 2

So I’ve finalized a few things regarding the game. I decided on a tech stack, features that will and won’t be in the game, as well as how certain things inside the game are going to work.

Game features

Unlike what I said last time, I don’t think there is going to be movement in the game. I really want this to be more text focused rather than an actual game where you move around and interact with objects. There will still be objects, bosses, battles, etc but I think that movement isn’t going to fit with the style.

Some features I’m thinking of adding are going to be:

  • Items
  • Spells that can be made using items
  • Boosters
  • Bosses

Tech Stack

It’s going to be a pretty simple tech stack. It’s going to be trpc running on the backend using drizzle to talk to planetscale(database). The frontend is just going to be made with typescript as a cli app.


I wasn’t able to determine too many things about this game(not even a name yet yikes) but I am going to continue my work on it.